😂 The best he could

I was trying to make a pancake in the shape of a sword for my son’s birthday. Annie (5yo) came up to look at it.

Annie: “Dad, what’s that?”

Me: “It’s a sword.”

Annie: “Oh, yeah, it looks like one!”

Micah (7yo): “I want to see! What is it?”

Annie: “Dad made a sword pancake. It kind of looks like one.”

Micah: “It looks more like a spear than a sword.”

After it was done cooking, Annie went over to my son. “Dad made you a pancake for your birthday. He did the best he could.”

Pancake meant to look like a sword

🌀 My 2020 goals

2020 wallpaper sketchnotes

As we move into the new year, I have been considering new goals. I sketched new phone wallpapers to keep them in front of me. My goals are to make more mistakes and carry less to give more.

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😂 Infinite reflection

As Micah (7yo) and I were standing in the bathroom looking at the near infinite reflection in the opposing mirrors, he said, “Dad, I just wish I could sneeze with my eyes open.”

Me: “Then your eyes would pop out.”

Micah: “I know. I just wish they would keep working. When I try and look in these mirrors that go on for miles and miles, my head just gets in the way. So I want to hold them out like this so that I can see all the way.” (As he holds his hands out to the side of his head and ducks out of the way.)

😂 Zombies under the bed

Micah (7yo): “Dad, do you believe in them?”

Me: “In what, bud?”

Micah: “In the zombies under my bed.”

Me: “Oh, that sounds scary!”

Micah: “No, I speak their language.”

Me: “Are they nice?”

Micah: “Only to people who speak their language.”

Me: “What does it sound like?”

Micah: “Urrgh mmrrgh errrr ggrrr.”

Annie: “Oh, like this–I can speak it too. Mmrrgh aarrgh errr.”

Micah: “No, it’s more nerdy. Get it, Dad? More Nerd-y. (As he eats a scoop of Nerds) Ha. Ha. Ha.”

😂 Early proposal

Annie (5yo): “Can I marry Micah (her 7yo brother)?”

Wife: “No, you have to marry someone you’re not related to.”

Annie: “I’m not related to Conor! (her 5yo friend) Conor, do you want to marry me?”

Conor: “Uhh…”

Wife: “Well, you have to be older, so maybe he’ll think about it more when he gets older.”

Annie: “Conor! Conor! Conor! Do you want to marry me? Do you want to marry me?”

Conor: “Uhh, I just like going to school.”

😂 Black teeth

Micah (7yo): “Do I need braces? My brother said I do because my bottom teeth are getting brown.”

Wife: “You need to brush for that, not braces.”

Me: “I’ve seen people who had black teeth and some fell out from not brushing.”

Annie (5yo): “Ugh! I’m glad you brush your teeth.”

Micah, a little worried: “If teeth are black, can you brush them and turn them white?”

Me: “No. When they are black, they are dead.”

Micah: “When they are brown, can you?”

Me: “Yes, you can get them white. But you need to brush morning and night every day.”

Micah: “I haven’t been brushing at night.”

Me: “Thanks for telling–“

Micah: “It’s because I don’t have time. Cuz I’m so tired after a long chore day!” (With a significant look at my wife.)

(After a couple minutes) Micah: “Did you ever see black teeth on the ground?”

Me: “No, I never saw them fall out.”

Micah: “Does the tooth fairy take black teeth?”

Me and my wife: “NO! Definitely not.”

🔗 Great retrospective format

I was intrigued by this article by Fiona Voss: My favorite way to run a retro: The leader sets up the Trello board with four columns: Celebrations Gripes Topics to discuss Actions Then everybody has 5-10 minutes to write Trello cards in the first three columns, working from their own laptops. You’re allowed to move a card somebody else wrote from Celebrations or Gripes to Topics to Discuss if you want to talk about it.

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🔗 Working with resistance

As I finished reading this article this morning, I said out loud, “That was beautiful!” And then I thought maybe I could share it so others might have that same experience. The article is from Zen Habits: Working with the Ebbs & Flows of Your Resistance. He points out that feeling resistance to new or good things is normal, but we can learn to work with it.

It can also get stronger. But it can’t maintain its strength for long. You can breathe, stay with it, wait it out. Bring curiosity to it. Give the feeling a little compassion and kindness.

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🔗 How to be kind

This was a fantastic article on Zen Habits: How to Be Kind to Yourself & Still Get Stuff Done:

[T]he truth is, most of us are judging ourselves, beating ourselves up, looking harshly at our shortcomings and flaws, a lot of the time. It’s why we’re stressed, anxious, frustrated and disappointed so often.

A different path might be kindness to ourselves. When we see a flaw, we might see the beauty in it. Instead of always striving to be better, we can find gratitude for how great we already are. Instead of beating ourselves up, we can be kind to ourselves and see that we have tried our best, that we had good intentions, that we have a good heart.

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😂 Force feeding

I let Cal (age 2) sit on my lap and he started trying to feed me from his plate.

Me: “You eat from your plate, and I’ll eat from my plate.”

Cal: “Can I? Can I? Eat you?” As he shoved a forkful of food in my mouth.

After he force-fed me a few more vegetables, I said, “You can sit on my lap, but you have to eat your own food.”

Cal: “Ok.” And he hopped down.

😂 Tooth fairy

Micah (7yo): “If I get my tooth out, I’ll get like a dollar. That’s what I’ve been getting for the last ones.”

Me: “What if you get 10¢?”

Micah: “Then I would be so mad. I would just leave a little bomb under there that would… What time does the tooth fairy come?”

Me: “You never know.”

Micah: “Ugh. Then I would just set it to go off in the morning. And I would make it look like a tooth. I wish she would leave me $100. Then I would have lots of money and be revenged for the 10¢.”

Micah: “Dad, I get way more than 10¢. Add another zero and a dollar sign.”