😂 A surprise-free shower

I announced that I was going to take a shower. Micah (age 6) got a glint in his eye and started running for the bathroom. I said, “Micah, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Oh, come on!”

As I started getting ready, he said, “Dad, why don’t you want me to?” At this point, it is clear that he is understanding I don’t want him to dump cold water on me like every other day that I shower.

I answered, “Well, sometimes it’s kind of hard, you know?”

His solution was simple. “You could know I’m coming, and so you could turn your back. That way it doesn’t get on you-know-what.”

Micah (age 6): “Dad, can you play soccer with me?”

Me: “Not in the house, bud.”

Micah: “Oh, that’s right. Can you play with me in the front yard? It would be good for you to get some fresh air.”


I took my six-year-old with me to the gas station to get drinks for our sick kids, and he walked up and down the candy aisle. “I wish we had gone to a boring store like IKEA, and not one that had stuff that is so tempting to me and cheap. (Whispers) Write that down.”

As I was changing the baby, Micah (age 6) came over and asked, “What does his shirt say?”

Me: “I’m the boss. Until Mom comes home.”

Micah: “Hahaha. I wish they had a men’s size of that.”

Me: “Oh yeah? For whom?”

Micah: “For you! Cuz you’re the boss. Until Mom comes home.”

Six-year-old to my wife: “The house is kind of pretty messy. Why don’t you ask your kids’ advice about how to keep it clean?”

“Mom, I had the same plate of noodles that you had. The exact same as you. But I didn’t have sauce, or meatballs, or peas. And it wasn’t in a plate. It was a bowl. But it was the exact same as you.”


At church today, my six-year-old handed me a piece of his toy and asked me to fix it. After trying for just a bit, I handed it back to him. He looked at it and asked, “Daddy, did you do your best?” Then he looked up at me intently and asked again, “Did you do your best?”

I love Dad note

Hard to be mad at a four-year-old for being out of bed when she is writing a note all by herself that says “I love Dad.” 🥰

Not quite sure what the images are supposed to be though… 😳

My 9-yr-old walked over holding a slice of lemon, showing us that he was licking it. My wife said, “Great! Those are really healthy for you.”

Son: “Ugh, I don’t want it any more.”

Me: “Actually, they turn you into a mutant.”

Son, pausing to consider: “Well, I’ll try it…”