🧪 UI-TDD with Xcode Part II

As I wrote about last month, I was able to speak at Cocoaheads on some work we have been doing with Xcode UI Testing. I am speaking again tonight at a different Cocoaheads group, which is exciting for me. I had created a sample project for my presentation last month, but lost the project when my computer died and had to get the logic board replaced. I have recreated the sample project, and am happy to share it here:

UI Testing Example

And just in case you would like to download the slides for reference, here is a link to the PDF:

UI TDD Presentation (5 MB)

And you can view a recording of the presentation here.

🧪 The value of iOS test-driven development (TDD)

This will not come as a surprise to most people—writing tests makes your code better. I have come to appreciate this more over the past few months, as I wrote about previously. Also not a surprise—writing tests first makes your code even better. From my experience with iOS developers, while we might know this, most of us do not do it. Even after coming to see the value, it is easy to skip straight to writing the code.

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Leveling up with automated testing

As I approached the end of 2015, I was thinking of my goals for 2016, and how I wanted to grow and improve as a developer. One of the main areas in which I felt like I was lacking was in automated testing. That is a topic that many developers talk about, usually with a slight sense of shame, or a tinge of regret. There is almost always a tacit acknowledgement that it is important, and we should be doing it, but for many reasons, it is not happening.

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