📖 Watchmen

By Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

📖 Crocodile on the Sandbank

By Elizabeth Peters

🛡 Thoughts on leadership

People following a leader

In my job as a software engineering manager, I was recently asked to speak about leadership. As I prepared the presentation, I realized that this topic is a passion of mine, even rivaling my passion for mental health awareness. I will share my thoughts over a series of articles.

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Cold hands 😂

I came upstairs and realized my hands were super cold. I put them under people’s shirts on their backs, and it was fascinating the different reactions.

7yo boy: Writhed and twisted to get away

6yo girl: No reaction

11yo boy: Yelped and jumped

12yo girl: Yelled and melted on the spot

Wife: An exclamation, “What is that? It’s cold!”

2yo boy: Reached back with his hands to move mine. Commented, “That’s cold!” Two minutes later, said, “Dad, that’s coldy!”

15yo girl: Turned and asked, “What are you doing? Go away!”

The 12yo wanted to leave the table and was told not yet. She sat and glowered, and the 2yo tattled on her. “Excuse me, Mom. Mary’s mean.”

Then he went over and hugged her until she started smiling again. He announced to everyone, “Mary is happy.” 😂

In other news, not sure if it was the quarantine or what, but I made a drastic change this weekend. 💇🏻‍♂️🪓

Picture of me with haircut

Conference sketchnotes

This was a special weekend, and I felt blessed to participate in General Conference with my family. I sketchnoted each session and am happy to share them for free on gospelsketcher.org. May you and your family feel peace and love during this Easter season.

I was changing the 2yo’s diaper and he was talking about drinking cocoa with his older brother.

Me: “And you’ll read some books!”

2yo: “No! I hate books. I hate all of them books. Get me new books!”


🔗 Cursors on iPads

I loved this delightfully written article by Craig Mod: Who Would Have Thought an iPad Cursor Could Be So Much Fun?

This is where the iPad’s support for the trackpad comes in—a middle ground between laser and potato, and a reinvention of Engelbart’s pointiness. Apple has taken the desktop cursor’s familiar thin arrow and replaced it with a translucent circle. This circle has the ability to change form not only with context but with the “physicality” of the object beneath it.

Move the pointer above a button and the circle morphs into the button itself, “snapping” into it, enveloping it like an amoeba, causing it to glow in a pleasing way. What this means is that the usual precision of a trackpad isn’t required to get exact hits on navigational elements. If you own an Apple TV, you’re already familiar with this vibe—it’s how the cursor on the TV “jumps” from icon to icon with a kind of sticky momentum. Similarly, on the iPad home screen, you can “lazily” slam the cursor around and have it lock onto applications with an eerie telepathy not experienced on a desktop OS.

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I wrote this is my journal this evening, and then thought it would be nice to share more broadly:

This has been a crazy week, and it’s nice to feel the safety and stability that comes from a company with people who really care. Our Salt Lake office sustained some damage in the earthquake yesterday, and they had everyone stay home except for a few in today to inspect and try to make sure everything is safe. Crises highlight what people truly value, and this has shown the true colors of O.C. Tanner. I’m proud and grateful to work there.

😂 The 7yo brought the baby in to my wife for a diaper change, and composed a poem on the spot:

“Cough, cough,
I can’t breathe air;
She‘s got poopy underwear.”

With church meetings canceled, it was a neat experience to gather with my family in our home for a worship service. It gave new meaning to this scripture:

Worship​ God, in whatsoever place ye may be in… and live in ​​​thanksgiving​ daily